Millennials have been cast as the do-gooding, car-agnostic, entitled, wellnessgeneration—some of which might even be true. Other analysis shows that millennials are, in fact, not so different from generation X, or that it’s not useful to lump 75 million people into the same pot.

Still, the size of the millennial cohort makes it hard to ignore. Increasingly, millennials will take the reins of business, government, and other organizations, dictating trends from the boardroom as much as they’ve dictated them with their shopping habits and dating preferences. If you’re one of the people whose been worried about millennials, you’ve missed your chance to stop them—they’re now in charge. But don’t get too comfortable: Generation Z is right behind them.

BUT, and I mean BUT, why is it that even though the millennial population is so called “taking over” the steering wheel of business and the way “of how things are done,” do we ALL have to follow their lead?  Do we truly as a a society have to believe that they are going to be the only thought leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, linchpins, heretics, cause-minded individuals who are going to change the world?   Yet again I want to point out that the older generation is so essential to helping this generation and the upcoming generation Z understand what the words process, open communication, commitment, and dedication means.    If, as I read, millennials continue to job hop anywhere from 1-3 years, how are they going to be mentored?  How are they going to learn how to stick with a program and see it to its end?  And most importantly, how are they going to be true leaders if they want to work with their own style and way of relating to others?  They need look closely inside and find in their hearts and minds the word WE.

I may sound harsh here, but WE and WHY are important words to integrate into our BEINGS inside and outside of the office if we want to improve the world and how we work together.   Being a WE will help companies and individuals lead with purpose. Yes, the millennials can teach us all a lot about their thought process and visions.   It’s all good.  But they also need to LEAN IN to the fact that they need other generations to help them succeed for the well-being of all.