Do You Have A Dolphin In Your Life?

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As I swam in the beautiful blue waters in Redondo Beach yesterday, I came face to face with a dolphin. For some reason dolphins like to swim with me and play joyfully underneath me as they talk their sweet talk. But seeing one face to face was truly amazing and felt like it was so meant to be. I asked myself, why is this dolphin trying to talk to me and what is it saying? I know they are meant to keep us safe against predators in the sea. But this was a special moment. A moment no doubt that I will remember the rest of my life. I can’t get the image or the feeling in my soul out of my soul, nor do I want to.

This morning I talked to an amazing individual by the name of Tom Higley, someone who has lived many lives as I like to say and has reinvented himself many times. He has held many types of jobs, started a few companies here and there, lost a few companies, played in a band, worked in the service industry, and most importantly, is a dolphin in my life as a person and as a professional.

Tom is the individual who is the Founder and CEO of the organization 10.10.10. He invited me to come to the 10.10.10 event held in June of this year because he saw that I was an entrepreneur and an individual who has, and continues to strive to make a social impact on the world and the lives of others. He sees that fire in my belly, one that is so bright that it sometimes burns to the core. While talking to him today he was giving me advice on how I could go forward with a business idea that I believe will change the lives of many. I told him that I also want to work with a team again, a company that is combining business with social impact. I need to work with other dolphins. The search is frustrating. I do not believe that companies understand that they need individuals who think and work like entrepreneurs.

So far, my job search is not going very well. I am not fitting into the boxes that a lot of companies have put in place for their employees. As an entrepreneur we empower co-workers, follow the processes that the companies put in place, and most importantly, use our business and leadership skills to excel in whatever “job plate” is put on the table for us.

Let’s get back to that dolphin. Even though I was discouraged today about my job search, I realized that I have a support system, in and out of the sea. Tom is one of many. It is so essential for you to create a team of supporters for you, and your team members to evolve. More than ever we need to believe in ourselves and the difference we can make. While running Be Cause PR I have been “with” my clients. I have and continue to be their dolphin making sure that they travel safely through the waters that at times may be too strong for them to stay on course. So today, find your dolphin so that you can stay on course. And even better, be that dolphin for those around you. You will soar!

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