Equal Pay = Equal Sense of Purpose + Better Performance

Posted by on February 24, 2015 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments

WE ALL HAVE PURPOSE AND NEED TO FEEL APPRECIATED FOR IT. The Patricia Arquette Oscar acceptance speech may be old news by now. I am hoping that Patricia’s speech empowered both men and women in our country to recognize that we all have Purpose and that what we get paid has a huge role in how we feel about our work and ourselves. The USA continues to have a high percent of workers in our country who do not like their jobs (88% according to a recent Gallup Poll) As a woman who has worked in the tech and PR industry, I have seen my share of inequality in the workplace. I am posting this video to remind us ALL that yes, equal pay is an issue for women and that America continues to have poor employee engagement due to such factors as equal pay. We as a country need to empower one another so that we can grow, innovate, and evolve as individuals and professionals. BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE PURPOSE AND THAT YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN OUR WORLD.

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