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Patricia Arquette Continues to Give Love For Cause and Effect

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Patty in Haiti

Patricia Connecting With Children of Haiti

Many of us know how people who run causes are very passionate about their work, their purpose, and how their efforts will change the way we live for the better.   What I continue to find as I work with causes/non profits is how hard it is for them to make it on the financial front.  To be honest, I am blown away.   While watching Patricia Arquette and her co workers work in Haiti on their eco sanitation projects I am saddened by the fact that they still are not able to get the funds they need.  They have a very small team (7) that are running the LARGEST ECO SANITATION program in the world.   Arquette is not a celebrity who expects people to donate to GiveLove because of who she is.  She wants people to understand the sanitation epidemic we have in our world and help us see that we all can play a huge role in making sure there is more clean water our there for the world to drink.  Currently only 40% of the world drinks/has access to clean water or has a toilet.   My question is, where is corporate America and why do the Fortune 100+ companies not help out more causes such as GiveLove that has a simple solution to solving our world’s sanitation issues?

Here is a recent article that Patricia was featured in in the magazine Bizwomen.  It shows us  how Patricia is passionate about her work with the cause and how hard they have worked to maintain it.  They hope to expand it worldwide but still need to make it work in Haiti.

Thank you to Patricia and her executive director, Alisa Puga Keesey, for the work you are doing for the people of Haiti and hopefully the world.

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