Write a Mission Statement to Find Purpose

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The run is about your journey.  It is not about the finish line.

My mission statement is to run because of the journey I want to be on in life.


Love this simple article about finding your purpose.  But it is NOT ALWAYS EASY!  So many of us wake up and ask ourselves, “what is my life all about and why am I not excited to go out there to the world and scream, look at me and see what I am doing!!!!   This article talks about how we need to create a mission statement for ourselves, just as we would do in a business.  Businesses do not wait for a mission statement to come to them.  And yes, it is also not easy to come up with a mission statement.  It takes some digging, feeling, thinking, and re-writing.  I thought this might help some of you hone in and work on seeing how important your purpose in life is at work and at home.  Here are four ways that may help you find your purpose


And yes, this can mean owning your own island while you give back your hard earned money to those in need.  It can mean working 3 days a week, learning a new trade while you work at your current job, becoming a top selling author.  Why not dream?  Dreams can and do come true.


Don’t be scared with this one.  Too many of us are shy about really taking a look deep inside and being honest with what we love, what makes our heart sing and butterflies tumble around in our belly.  Listen to the rumblings.  These rumblings are your soul screaming out to you!


You have so, so, many talents you are probably not aware of.  Listen to what your friends, family, and co-workers say about you.  Key words are  LISTEN and  ACKNOWLEDGE.  We will never be able to see what others see in us.  So let those around you help you see you, your essence.  Let other mirror you so you can see those talents that you continue to sharpen and learn as you grow through life.


I love this one and how it speaks to me from the core.  Excuse the pun.  Your core values have been built into you via so many avenues such as how you were raised, who you hung out or hang out with in life, what you read, what you eat, where you work, what you studied in college, how you treat others, etc.  If eating well is important to you maybe you can help others learn to eat better.  Do you get sad when you see so many homeless animals in shelters?  If so, maybe you can volunteer at an animal shelter or work with a group that saves and adopts homeless animals and finds homes for them.  Do you love art and find that you can’t learn enough about your favorite artists?  Maybe it is your time to paint.


You are the ONE who can truly make your purpose a reality and it may be a daily exercise which is totally cool.  Finding your purpose means being in tune with yourself, your needs, your desires and dreams.  No one can make your purpose up for you.  So have fun and look at creating your Purpose Mission Statement an exercise that will help  you evolve and see your life differently.   This is your life.  Go grab that gold ring!




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