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Happy 2014!  I am so excited to start another new year in my life and to also have the opportunity to work with people who know and feel that they can lead their lives with purpose.  I mention on my home page of my web site how I have always been someone who has been able to see and feel what others are capable of and how they truly can make a difference if they listen to how their soul ticks.  Not an easy thing to do by any means.  It is scary to follow your heart and gut, especially today when so many of us are letting money drive us and lead us into a fear-based way of living.   But once you learn to work and live from the inside out your potential in life and business will fly to a whole new level.

For those of you who have not been following the news around how the new generation ticks there is good news.  We hear how this group called the “Millennials” are only out for themselves, believe that they can start the next Facebook, and that they DESERVE a big paycheck right out of college.  Well, in some cases this is true and we will always need individuals such as these to drive our economy.  However, there are a lot of young workers out there who would rather work for a company that gives back and combines their business with social purpose.  According to a Gallup Poll last year, at least 88% of those coming out of college wanted to work for such a company.   And when you think of another recent Gallup Poll that states that 88% of our population hates their jobs you have to admit our country is going through some interesting times.  Let’s look at these statistics as good news and a major eye opener.  People more than ever are seeing that they have and want to have more of a purposeful role in their lives and are wondering if earning a good paycheck is what life is all about.  I know many people who feel empty inside and lost.  No wonder our country is no longer leading in innovation.  We have a country with people who want to do more but are not sure how to get to the “more” that means something to them.

So I am going to go back to why I am so excited.  I started Be Cause PR to help people see that they can make a difference.   Sure, I was hired on by many to get them in the press and help them promote products and initiatives.   But I always was and continue to be about helping you find and promote that fire that burns within so that your cause has an effect.  On a daily basis I meet amazing people who are taking risks by starting their own companies with a concept they believe will be a one of a kind, entertainers who see that they can do more by running causes, and companies that know that in order to survive in this purpose economy that they must work harder to keep their employees engaged while also working on improving their corporate social responsibility.   People and companies are waking up and seeing that they can and must strive to make a difference for the good of all.

2014 for me is going to be about helping others see that they can be leaders of a tribe and that we as a world can work together more as a ONE for Cause and Effect.  With communication being so horizontal we have more opportunities than ever to learn  faster than ever and work together with others from around the world on a virtual basis to solve global issues.  So Tribe Up my friends and let’s make a difference together.

Peace and light to all.

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