Millennials Not Chipping In? Or Do They Feel No Purpose?

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Chip In Young Workers


One person I have been following closely is Aaron Hurst, the CEO of the new company, Imperative, The Purpose Economy, because I am seeing more how ALL generations are searching for purpose in their work, and in turn life.  Per a recent study, 70% of corporate recruiters said that their company has a hard time managing its younger generation workers.  The study points out that the Millennials lack motivation, are hard to manage, and that their employers fear they will stay with them for the long haul.  This is a great opportunity to unite the new and older gens as well as to provide “Purpose” training in college and in house.

The study, commissioned by Bentley University and conducted by KRC Research, surveyed more than 3,000 business leaders, students, parents, higher-ed administrators and corporate recruiters. It examined these groups’ views on the gap between how colleges prepare students for the working world and what employers really need.

With unemployment around 9 percent for recent college grads, and underemployment at nearly 19 percent, many are struggling to find jobs. Yet even those who find work are confronting challenges at the office.

Thirty-five percent of business leaders and recruiters in the survey said the recent grads they hired should get a “C” or lower for job preparedness. And 64 percent said that their business’s day-to-day productivity suffers because of recent grads’ lack of preparation.

The key point that came out of this article is that students “expect more” from their employers and their jobs after investing so much time and money in college.   HR heads are wondering if college students are not being trained properly to fit in with how companies are ticking today and what they expect from their employees.  As I see it, college for the most part has been a place where some of us “find ourselves”, our true calling, and our purpose while many get a degree to simply get a degree in hopes of landing a job.  And as we are seeing from these studies, a job for the younger generation today needs to be more than just a job.  There has to be meaning and a purpose for them to show up.

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