GiveLove Continues Eco Sanitation Efforts in Haiti

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Compost is created out of human waste.

Compost is created out of human waste.

Check out Alisa of GiveLove examining  their first mature compost pile at Santo yesterday. They aregoing to harvest this weekend. This pile started as a shit layer cake. It got very hot – over 160 degrees F. It stayed hot for about a year. Nature ran its course with a little help. The compost matured…It cooled down, and now it’s very nice dirt. Pretty simple stuff really… more people should try it. Our compost team was so excited they didn’t care that I was wearing wedges. — with Joe JenkinsRodrigo SilvaLucho JeanPatricia Arquette and Hamish Skermer.  For more information on how easy this concept can be put into reality check out the video on my home page where Patricia Arquette talks about the process.

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