Empower Women to Have Purpose in the Workplace

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Women are still not seen in the workplace for their value and what they can bring to the table.

Women are still not seen in the workplace for their value and what they can bring to the table.

As I get my head and heart around what I saw and heard at the WITI (Women in Technology International Summit)  a glaring point comes to mind, heart, and soul – women are not seen for who they are as people in the workplace. Let’s face it, men and women tick differently. Men tend to focus on the “WHAT” and how to get things done while women focus on the “WHY” and the effect their companies and products will have on their customers. Think of the power of treating each sex equally and what it will mean to the company and its customers. Cause and Effect would be in full motion for the company and its Purpose. If we do not respect individuals for their Purpose we will not enable anyone to thrive, innovate, and believe they can make a difference.

I will admit that as a veteran in high tech public relations with more than 26 years of experience that I was quite saddened to hear how many women did not feel like they had a purpose at their workplace.  Many felt frustrated and believed that their talents and their ideas were not being recognized by their male peers.  And the thing that got to me most was that these women are so ready to rock and roll, lead, innovate, inspire, and make a difference in our world.

Companies need to stop worrying about the number of women they are “supposed” to hire and hire the right person for the job.  And in the tech world there are so many talented women ready to serve and make things happen.

Attaching an article by Fast Company that explains how it is still a “mans” world” in the workforce.  Our country needs to innovate and collaborate in life and in the workforce in order to be a leading force for our country and the world.   Why does it seem that we keep taking steps back in regard to sexism and discrimination in the workplace?



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