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Employees Need To Feel Purpose More Than Ever

Posted by on June 11, 2014 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments

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This morning I had the opportunity to talk to the “store team leader” Jennifer Ruth – great title! – at the Redondo Beach Whole Foods market while I was checking out with my morning coffee.  I knew she was the one in the store keeping her tribe together while keeping us hungry and curious shoppers feeling like we were treated as individuals who not only want their food, but also want healthy food and products that are sustainable, organic, and best of all, in the store for a Purpose.  Whole Foods is one of those organizations today that is considered by many, including Aaron Hurst, the author of his new book,  The Purpose Economy, a store that exists to give back to its customers while also giving back to the vendors and individuals who sell their goods at the store.  The store is all about Purpose when you walk in and take a look at the signage and the stories about the individuals who have their products on the store shelves.  When I introduced myself to Jennifer I thanked her for the work she has done at the store.   I have seen a major shift in regard to how the employees are taking pride in their work and communicating with the customers.   She said I made her day when I explained this and that she just finished a staff meeting where she told her team that they have Purpose as a Whole Foods employee.  And their purpose is not only for the customers but also for their own well-being and our world.   It was a quick conversation that keeps me hoping that more organizations will help their employees see that they are valued and that their purpose can change the world for all.

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