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SafeKids Now Starts Neighborhood Awareness Program

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Stephanie Mann, founder of SafeKids Now, continues to push forward in her effort to keep kids safe around our country.  Her website,, is a portal where she shares tips and statistics around child safety.  After the Sandy Hook event Stephanie has been going full force with voice and action.   Here is a recent press release she distributed that may help neighborhoods come together as a tighter community that will empower and protect their children.





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Stephanie Mann

Safe Kids Now


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Cathy Caplener

Be Cause PR


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     BEYOND GUN CONTROL – A Campaign to keep kids safe

A 5-Step PLAN to reduce gun violence!

How to Provide Youth With Support and Reduce Violence with NO cost to TAXPAYERS


(January 2, 2013) — Richmond, CA — Safe Kids Now,, a non-profit organization with a mission to restore the heart of the community to protect our country’s youth, announced today a social media campaign that will focus on how our country can be better educated and more proactive as a “community” around reducing gun violence.  Safe Kids Now, which is headed by crime and violence prevention consultant Stephanie Mann, will educate the public via a social media campaign on the organization’s website blogspot, as well as Facebook and Twitter.   The current blog post is currently running on the site around the topic of the need for community education to control gun violence.

Safe Kids Now understands that everyone wants to live in a great neighborhood where children can feel safe and protected.  The organization therefore uses training workshops and its web site as a learning portal where visitors can find resources, statistics, podcasts and guidebooks.

“It saddens me that we have to reach out and educate our country around gun control after a tragedy such as Sandy Hook, explains Mann.  My goal with our education program around gun safety is to show communities how to be proactive and create networks of support on keep neighborhoods safe. Current Kids Safe programs such as “Adopt a Block” and “Steet Safe Kids” are two examples of how we are helping communities empower themselves to keep their children safe.”


5 Steps City Leaders can Take To Strengthen and Support Families

HOW TO REDUCE FEAR– Bring neighbors together

Fear drives people to buy guns for self-protection.  Stress and health issues increase as families become isolated. When neighbors get connected, they can take back their neighborhoods from drug dealers and gangs.  In any area, empowered neighbors can create a strong sense of community for children.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN FAMILIES – Bring families together

The community can help strengthen family support.  In 1960, 11% of women were single mothers.  Today, 84% of women are single mothers.  Boys no longer have a strong male role model in the home to discipline and guide them.  Neighborhood role models will become mentors and protectors for children.

Statistics That Speak The Truth About Guns In America


$2.16 trillion or $15,000 per taxpayer spent on preventing or dealing with violence.  Source: Institute of Economics and Peace

GUNS (300,000,000 guns in circulation)

In addition to discussing arming teachers, arming guards in schools, restricting assault weapons and sales, we need to discuss… How to reduce fear and social isolation so residents don’t feel threatened and buy a gun.


About Stephanie Mann

Keynote speaker/Workshop leader: National Crime Prevention Conference, Pasadena, CA – City-wide Conference, Little Rock, AR and others.

Author: Four national crime prevention books on family and neighborhood safety

  • “Alternative to Fear: Guideline for safer neighborhoods”
  • “Safe Homes, Safe Neighborhoods: Stopping Crime Where You Live”
  • “Street Safe Kids: 10 step guidebook to keeping kids safe”
  • “The Adopt-A-Block Guidebook: 10 steps to a safe and healthy neighborhood.”

Featured in: Parenting Magazine, LA Times, Women’s World, Bottom Line Personal, Consumers’ Research and San Francisco Chronicle and others.

Civic Leader: Founder, Klout for Kids, Street Safe Kids & The 5:14 Project, Safe Kids Now!

Awards: Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher, CA Attorney General John K. Van De Kamp, Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, Mayor Lionel J. Wilson of Oakland CA, Citizen of the Year, Orinda CA


About Safe Kids Now

Safe Kids Now, founded by Stephanie Mann, is a non-profit organization based in Contra Costa County, California. The company’s mission is to restore the heart of the community to protect our country’s youth.  Safe Kids Now provides up to date information, tips, and resources via its website to help educate the American public how to build safe neighborhoods and environments for its children.





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