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Celebrities “Doing Bad” With Power

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Lance Armstrong – An athlete and a celebrity who does not understand that power and fame means believing in yourself first.

One of the reasons I started Be Cause PR is because I wanted to help others learn to work from the “inside out”.  I have stated many times  that the employee is the business.   We as people are people first and what we do in our professional lives can be seen as an extension of our BEING and how we want to live our lives to give back while earning a paycheck.  Unfortunately this is not always the case for many people.  Many of us do not live to work or see how we are unique and gifted just by being born and on this earth.  We have so much power that we are not aware of to be a true gift to others.

The article today that I am attaching is about Lance Armstrong “officially” coming out to Oprah about how he doped during his career.  He won many titles,  earned an income that would feed many villages, and most importantly, was a role model for so many people as a cancer survivor and an athlete who constantly strived for perfection.  Now I ask, what is perfection and why do we continue to believe that perfection means success if we are not true to ourselves?

My clients are individuals who continue to work on themselves because they understand that they need to be able look into the mirror and like what they see and feel before they can give back to anyone.  And giving back does not mean having to win a gold medal, singing in front of 20,000 fans, or getting your own brand of running shoes with Nike.  After reading this article I am more inspired than ever to work with “celebrities” who are uncertain about the true power that they have from within.  So many of them, especially athletes, are thrown up on a stage when they have no idea why they are there.  They are gifted and have such an amazing opportunity to give back and be role models for those of us who may not quite understand that we are also a shining star meant to be here on this earth to give back.  Lance Armstrong lost himself in power because he does not know himself.   He has not worked from the inside out.  But the good news is is that it is never too late to work on yourself and learn to be true to yourself.   We can call this Karma.  This is an easy thing to say.   But believing in yourself and the gift you have within that gives to others is what it is all about.



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