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Ubuntu Blox Housing = Opportunity for Women Worldwide

Posted by on June 3, 2013 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments

For those of you have been on the Ubuntu Blox housing journey you will enjoy this video that takes you through the entire process of the first house being built in Haiti by women and men. Once again, a key point the inventor of the concept, Harvey Lacey, wants us all to understand is that this concept was “built” for women of developing nations. When you take a close look at how women operate in our world they bore more than children. They tend to be the ones who are responsible for many back wrenching tasks such as walking miles a day to get water and food while also doing the mother and wife duties such as taking care of their families and households. They have voices that are powerful and unfortunately many times not heard. So when Harvey thought of the Ubuntu Blox housing concept he thought that this would be a way for women of our world to be a part of building their own home for income that the home would be their stage to show themselves and others that they are capable, strong, and worthy. Thank you Harvey Lacey. I know many of us hoping that others see the business and most importantly, the “human factor” behind the concept. Ubuntu Blox is about empowering the people to build their own homes and earn income that will in turn bring them pride and joy. Unfortunately there are going to be NGOs that will hire out the Haitians to build these homes for salaries that are well below what the people deserve. But we can still have hope that the people, especially the women around the world, will have a part and say in building their own home that they can take pride in.



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