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Triple bottom line or supporting humanity?

Posted by on October 8, 2013 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments

Causes and corporations working together for the triple bottom line? I am working with two amazing causes, GiveLove and Ubuntu Blox Housing, and am baffled by how the PR process is not helping these causes get assistance from corporate America. These two causes were established to create a sustainable way of living not only for developing nations, but also for our own country which focus on sanitation and sustainable housing. Just think if BP Oil were to invest in both causes and help them build business infrastructures that would enable them to grow worldwide and therefore provide jobs for people while cleaning up the environment. BP coud get its employees involved in working with the causes to improve employee retention, the linchpins of the organizations would lead teams to help the causes, while BP would improve its CSR stance in our world. My questions is, how much would it truly cost a company to support such causes? How much does it truly cost for a “win win for humanity”?

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