GiveLove Expands Efforts to Improve Worldwide Sanitation Epidemic

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GiveLove has showed the world that it will not give up while it works in Haiti to improve the sanitation epidemic with its eco-sanitation, “humanure” concept.   As many of us know, once a start-up or small business gets past the two year mark they have a good chance of making it.  GiveLove has been on the ground in Haiti pretty much since day one after the massive earthquake that still leaves 300,000 plus homeless.  Patricia and team went over to Haiti to provide temporary housing.  But while the team was working on creating a safe haven and base camp for the Haitians the rains began to poor and cholera set in.  Arquette and team switched gears and knew that clean water and sanitation issues had to be resolved immediately.  The fundraiser that the cause is running is to enable the cause to continue work in Haiti and make sure that its current infrastructure stays in tact.  However, the team has always envisioned its cause to be on that helps people worldwide.  Therefore, part of the money raised in this fundraising campaign will enable the cause to take its turn-key solution and move to other parts of the world like Africa.   If you go to the GiveLove website you can learn more about the status of sanitation issues in our world.   More than 40% of our population does not have a working toilet.  And as we have seen in Haiti, many of the human waste finds its way through the streets, into homes and businesses, and into rivers and oceans.  So please take a moment to see what Patricia and team have shared on their site to help educate us about how poor sanitation in our world is an epidemic we can’t ignore and can actually help improve.  And donating to their fundraiser will make a world of difference for so many.

Words from Patricia Arquette…….

Please join us in helping Haiti and let’s win $75,000 while we’re at it. It takes a team and that team is you. 

Here’s what we can do together… Community-led sanitation projects to treat & compost waste, improve public health & create jobs around recycling…

Why should we do it? That’s easy… When you work on improving sanitation, like we do in Haiti,you start to really see the big picture. Sanitation is the keystone to solving so many problems in the world– improving public health, reducing child mortality, recycling and reducing waste, and protecting water resources — and yet no one is really talking about the problem of untreated sewage or the fact that 40% of the world’s poorest people live without a toilet. The global community needs to commit resources to finding sustainable solutions.

If you would like to GiveLove, please click on the BIG Donate button to your right or, go one step further and Set Up Your Fundraiser and fundraise with us. You can reach out to all your friends, family and everyone you know and ask ’em to GiveLove too.

Please Give up a latte this week. Give up cable TV for a month. Give up something easy, Give $10 if you can and please GiveLove. 


Patricia Arquette


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