Entrepreneur Harvey Lacey Continues to Be A Heretic Looking For Other Believers

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Harvey Lacey inside the first Ubuntu Blox home built in Texas — 2012

Just another reminder about how Harvey Lacey will be featured today on the Daily Planet, a Discovery Channel show at 4:00 EST.  Harvey continues to search for ways for developing nations, even our own country, to be able to build in a sustainable manner with plastic trash.  This video of his last visit to Haiti shows how he has learned that the Haitians in rural areas can use the vetiver plant for the inside of the building blocks as well.  Vetiver wards off pests and erosion.  Again, I do not understand why an organization or even a celebrity will not take this concept on and make it a reality for the world.  Take a look at the beautiful house that was built in Haiti out of plastic trash that can withstand an 8.0 or above earthquake and hurricane force winds of up to 90 mph.

Ubuntu Blox in Haiti

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