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Employees Are Your CSR Tribe

Posted by on February 13, 2013 in Cathy's Thoughts | 0 comments

Go Cisco!!!!  I continue to preach that the employee is your business. The new generation of employees want to give back while they work for a living. When a company integrates employees with their corporate social responsibility campaigns the employee wins, the company wins with happy employees who feel as though they are giving back to a cause for effect, and the company’s CSR ranking continues to rise. Again, CSR is about business + social purpose for all. Employees are the ones in your company who can drive your CSR campaigns since they are the ones who live and breathe what your company is all about.  The domino effect is awesome.  A company and its employees choose causes to help.  The employee feels a sense of purpose and feels as though their employer is behind them and their purpose.   The company gets a chance to be more connected with its employees, its community, and hopefully, the world.  We have to keep our employees empowered and understand that they are our new innovators, our thought leaders who are leading with social purpose and their hearts.  And the cool thing is that your employee will learn about business processes while working for your company and carry the torch to help others in our world live a better life


A Successful CSR Program Depends On Employee Engagement

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