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Tubifi DEMO 2012 Press Release

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Tubifi Streamlines Video Marketing

Takes Complexity, Cost, and Hours Out of Video Production Process



October 3, 2012 (Burlington, MA) –Tubifi launched this week at DEMO Fall 2012 its groundbreaking, state-of-the-art video platform that empowers creative professionals to discover and further unleash their artistic potential. The Tubifi platform combines three elements to create impactful videos: a simple video editing tool, ready-to-use content, and a network of creative talent, all while working within one browser window.


The heart of the Tubifi platform is a cloud-based video editor that can be accessed from any web browser.  The editing tool is integrated with leading content libraries such as Getty Images, Pond5, and Killer Tracks.  A simple search instantly finds thousands of ready-to-use media content to animate the user’s concept.  The user can also add his or her own personal touch with their own footage.  Tubifi also offers a Creative Professional Network providing access to professional editors, graphic artists, videographers, voiceover talent, and landing page creators.


The video editor allows the user to mark in and mark out a section of the selected video or audio clip, and then drag and drop it into the timeline. Tubifi saves users money by allowing them to make changes on the fly without needing to pay for clips until the video is ready for final production.  When the user is finished assembling clips into the video sequence they simply “check out” to license their selected clips and replace the draft media with full resolution versions.  The final footage is then easily exported and imported into Final Cut Pro or other video editing or graphics tools.


“There are a variety of vendors that facilitate low-quality, low-cost video, and plenty of agencies that make high-quality, high-cost video,” explains Martin Heller, CEO of Tubifi. “Tubifi is the only platform today that empowers the creative professional to make amazing video in an incredibly short time, on a budget.”


“In today’s mobile, social world, video is key to strong marketing campaigns to reach consumers and businesses,” explains Tim Bajarin. president of Creative Strategies, Inc. “Tubifi is helping businesses and agencies, both large and small, implement their video marketing strategies.”



Tubifi Features and Benefits


•Easy, fast use of stock footage drastically reduces the cost of and time for video production

•Use of comp stock footage in the cloud allows creative professionals to create prototypes quickly and cheaply

•A prototype video allows a client to know what he’s approving before the agency buys stock footage and does final editing


•Digital agencies gain higher profits on video projects and accept clients with budgets below the traditional $25K minimum

•A vibrant collaborative marketplace allows agencies and businesses to discover each other and identify creative professionals with specific skills


Pricing and Availability


For more information on product pricing and availability please contact Tubifi at 888 988 2434.


About Demo


Produced by the IDG Enterprise events group, the worldwide DEMO conferences focus on emerging technologies and new products innovations, which are hand selected from across the spectrum of the technology marketplace. The DEMO conferences have earned their reputation for consistently identifying cutting-edge technologies and helping entrepreneurs secure venture funding and establish critical business. For more information on the DEMO conferences, visit http://www.demo.com/.


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About Tubifi


Tubifi brings together all of the essential elements of the future of video creation; a cloud-based video editor, integration with the world’s leading content libraries, and a network of creative talent to collaborate in its creation.  The founders vision is to transform video creation to work at the speed of thought, where your creative ideas can materialize at your fingertips with a toolset that works as fast as your imagination. Where quality is not sacrificed but instead is maximized by a more efficient, inspiring creative process. Tubifi is a privately held company founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Burlington, MA.












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