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Are you living your legend?

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One reason I started Be Cause PR in 1997 was because I knew I was not living for my sense of purpose.  I was numb inside while working for Corporate America.  I knew I could do more if I was not sitting in meeting after meeting talking about how to launch a product.  I knew what I needed to do to launch that product and how I would work with my audiences.  But while sitting in those meetings I knew my life was passing me by like the wink of an eye.  I was missing out on something.  I felt this in my soul right out of college in my first job.   It took about 10 years to listen to this feeling and take action.   Now it has taken another 10 years to understand in words what this gut feeling means.  I want to live my legend in order to give back to our world.  I want to help others see their sense of purpose so that they too can give back and make a difference.  I am attaching a Ted video from a great person, Scott Dinsmore, someone we all should follow who gets just what I am saying and has built a business around this called Live Your Legend –  After watching the video ask yourself if you are living your legend, and if not, do you want to?  I bet you do.  I bet we all do.  Peace and light to all.


Are You Living Your Legend

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