Purpose Relations IS the New PR

What is Be Cause PR?


Cathy Caplener, Founder and Principal, Be Cause PR

Cathy Caplener, Founder and Principal, Be Cause PR

Be Cause PR was started in 1997 by Cathy Caplener, a visionary in PR, who has always believed that PR is about the purpose behind what is being promoted.

Cathy is starting a new category called Purpose Relations to empower individuals and companies to lead with their Purpose.  She works with her clients to create their narrative in order for them to communicate internally and externally how their Purpose will have a social impact on the world.  Her practice serves the following:

  • Companies big and small that innovate to improve our lives.
  • Organizations that combine business with social purpose.
  • Celebrities who run or are affiliated with Causes.
  • Heretics who lead tribes to create global change.
  • Innovators, thought leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • Causes who need PR to run as successful businesses.
  • Individuals who want to promote their purpose and DO GOOD.


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Cathy's Thoughts

May 16, 2016 |

Purpose Relations Is What Companies Need To Integrate Into Their Analyst Relations Programs

Over the past few months I have been talking to some pretty big organizations, start-ups, and entrepreneurs about their market analyst/industry analyst relations programs and how they are having a hard time feeling a connection with this sector.  And these groups seem more than ever concerned about their image, how they look to the outside world, as well as to their own workforce.   They are stating that they feel stale and that they need to find more influencers to help them take the baton for them and run with it to help them win more races.   My answer to all of this is easy, SHARE AND LEAD WITH PURPOSE. When I was working as...

May 9, 2016 |

Causes and Organizations Need To Start With Purpose To Make a Social Impact On The World

Charities should be the best organizations at explaining their purpose but in my opinion companies are beating them to it. Businesses such as Apple, Innocentand Virgin are working to turn customers and employees into engaged advocates for the brand. These companies have understood the value of building an ethical or dynamic brand that is seen to offer far more than just a product and they are building that idea into all of their operations – from recruitment to marketing and decision-making. So why aren’t charity brands making the same impact, after all they exist to make the world better? The simple answer is that often charities forget to communicate that. Instead they are so caught up...

May 5, 2016 |

Millennials Are Now The Largest Generation – Now Get Used To It? Do We Have To? What About The Word Welennials?

  Millennials have been cast as the do-gooding, car-agnostic, entitled, wellnessgeneration—some of which might even be true. Other analysis shows that millennials are, in fact, not so different from generation X, or that it’s not useful to lump 75 million people into the same pot. Still, the size of the millennial cohort makes it hard to ignore. Increasingly, millennials will take the reins of business, government, and other organizations, dictating trends from the boardroom as much as they’ve dictated them with their shopping habits and dating preferences. If you’re one of the people whose been worried about millennials, you’ve missed your chance to stop them—they’re now in charge. But don’t get too comfortable: Generation...

May 5, 2016 |

The Power of Purpose IS Driving Success for Businesses

One hundred-plus years ago, companies such as Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, and CVS (along with the 14 other members of the Sustainable Brands Corporate Member network with over 100 years in operation) were launched with a clear sense of purpose based on the intent to solve a recognizable social problem. Early leaders of these companies believed that profit would come as a result of creating real value for their customers. Building a successful, purpose-led business in today’s world presents a complex set of challenges. It requires a reboot in the way we think about strategy, informed by a vastly extended field of knowledge about the social and environmental impacts of our...

May 3, 2016 |

It’s Time For Us All To Be Linchpins – Are You Indispensable?!

    Seth Godin was so spot on in early 2000 with his concept about how more than ever we all can be linchpins in our workplace and in our own life.   Many of us do not see that heretic inside.   And it is the heretic that creates and leads tribes. Corporate America continues to be a flat.   I ask myself when I see clients, where is, and what is management these days?    We hear about the Millennials wanting to change the world and be leaders who will “make things happen” with their entrepreneurial mind-set.   And some of them are.   But are they leaders? Can they be heretics when...

April 25, 2016 |

We all have an inner storyteller

Connect With Your Inner Storyteller   Listen to your inner stories     We each have stories to tell. They may be waiting in a place you visit, or even stored in the physical motion of your body. Sometimes they are locked away in our collective experiences, or they might emerge through playful daydreams, or be submerged in our sleeping dreams where a last glimpse of the tale leaves as we wake.   Sometimes our stories come out eloquently and politely, even poetically, and other times they circle like sharks repeating themselves with little intent other than fear or annoyance. There are many ways to tempt your stories to flow, and when you hear...

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