Purpose Relations IS the New PR

What is Be Cause PR?

Be Cause PR was started by Cathy Caplener, a visionary in PR who believes that PR is about the reason behind what you are promoting. She is your “Purpose Relations” partner and advisor who works with individuals and organizations to see and promote their purpose to the right audiences in an effort to improve our world for cause and effect.

Cathy believes the field public relations is too much about launching and promoting the “What” and “How”.  Therefore she is starting a new category called “Purpose Relations” to promote the “Why” and is serving the following: 

  • Companies big and small that innovate to improve our lives.
  • Organizations that combine business with social purpose.
  • Celebrities who run or are affiliated with Causes.
  • Heretics who lead tribes to create global change.
  • Innovators and entrepreneurs who believe they can change the world.
  • Causes that believe their Cause IS Effect.
  • Individuals who want to promote their purpose and DO GOOD.

“We are all born with a Purpose that needs to be fed and shared”

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Cathy's Thoughts

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Purpose Relations IS The New PR For All

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