Purpose Relations IS the New PR

What is Be Cause PR?

Promoting Your Purpose For Cause And Effect

Be Cause PR helps people give a voice to their purpose. When we lead with our hearts, we can reach people to the core. In today’s noisy world, we help each individual tell their story by sharing how they lead with purpose and empathy. We call this Purpose Relations and combine expertise in both public relations and cause marketing to amplify that voice from each and every heart.

Be Cause PR serves the following:

  • Organizations, big and small, that are mission-driven.
  • Start-ups and entrepreneurs.
  • Public figures.
  • Celebrities who run or are affiliated with Causes.
  • Change agents and thought leaders.
  • Individuals who want to share a story that will help others.

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Cathy's Thoughts

June 17, 2021 |

Purpose Is A Thing You Build, Not A Thing You Find

  “How do I find my purpose?”  I will start this post off by simply stating that YOU ARE THE PURPOSE. We’re all looking for purpose. Most of us feel that we’ve never found it, we’ve lost it, or in some way we’re falling short. But in the midst of all this angst, I think we’re also suffering from what I see as fundamental misconceptions about purpose — neatly encapsulated by the question I receive most frequently: “How do I find my purpose?” Challenging these misconceptions could help us all develop a more rounded vision of purpose. Misconception #1: Purpose is only a thing you find. On social media, I often see an inspiring quotation attributed...

June 10, 2021 |

Will People Want To Purchase A “Share It Forward” Brand?

It has been an interesting exercise to see how a SHARE IT FORWARD campaign will work in retail. I have placed YOU ARE ENOUGH campaign merchandise in a few retail outlets in Redondo Beach and unfortunately the goods are not selling. I talked to a few customers at the outlets and they explained how they would buy something that said I AM ENOUGH because it would help them feel better about themselves. I did not even think of this and of course, get it. This campaign is about helping others feel seen and held. I wonder if YOU ARE ENOUGH is something that can thrive at a time when so many do not see...

April 3, 2021 |

Communities Need To Come Together To Heal

      While working on the YOU ARE ENOUGH campaign one thing is certain, communities need to come together to help support and decrease mental health cases in their areas.   We know that when a company supports a cause that people see as one that is  doing good, a company’s brand will improve and more people will buy their products and services.   While reaching out to local businesses in the South Bay of Los Angeles,  I am finding that many businesses have never even thought about being transparent about their donations to causes.   I ask, why not be proud and verbal about how you are giving back to a cause and an initiative?...

February 18, 2021 |

Kinecta Becomes First Corporate Sponsor For YOU ARE ENOUGH Campaign

After raising five billboards in the South Bay of Los Angeles, the YOU ARE ENOUGH campaign has signed on Kinecta, a California-based federal credit union, as its first corporate sponsor.  Kinecta, a company that works closely with its communities, understands the importance of raising mental health awareness and will be funding the next billboard slated to go up in Hawthorne, CA on March 25th for a 30-day period.  As part of the partnership, both parties will work together on public relations and community outreach.   Kinecta Community focuses on volunteering opportunities for its employees, scholarships for students and teachers, KinectaKindness where on a weekly basis they choose a worthy volunteer as the recipient of their...

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